I do NOT agree with Newtonian philosophy of seen the living world as a complicated machines , composed of parts and lacking any intrinsic relationship to each other.

Human body is one of the most interesting phenomenon that could be differently experienced in dual world of mechanism and holism.

Mechanism is about reducing everything to mechanical principles and see everything as made out of parts. It is an attempt to understand complexity of life by breaking it into smaller constitutional parts.Our educational system mostly build of this principle. Personally I think this is main reasons why our modern medicine can not explain reasons for many human health problems.

When we dont know the reasons , how can we know the right cure ?

Experience life and human body through the world of holism opened to me the whole new understanding.

Holism is a theory that stands for the idea that all in living nature is connected and interacting and we can not determine properties of a given system by explaining its component parts alone. Life is much more that collections of atoms !

Diving deep with NES training into understanding how human body work on subatomic level opened for me an whole new dimension looking at life . Persive life as holistic whole make much sense to me. I see human body as the reflection of all universe and all universe is reflection as human body .

Looking at human body even with the eyes of reductionist amazed me !

Our body have :

Bones 206

Muscles 640

Digestion -0.5 ton /year

Liver -500 functions

Endocrine- 60 hormones (6000 disorders )

Reproductive-500 billions new cells a day

Heart beats per day 100.800 times.

The  question that comes to mind is : Why all this separate “parts” stay together  and how they know exactly how to function and make whole human being ?

Quantum science confirmed that foundation of all creation is energy . Our body made out of cells , and cells made out of energy particles  that  programed  how to works TOGETHER in quantum coherence . The programming is happen through organizing force in nature that is able to create “systems”that is able to imprint  and memorise information in self . So it is the energy “inteligence”  that is the source ,  the glue and  the reasons for life to exist !

What I have learned and can confirm with my observations  is this :

Human body is self maintaining and self sustainable energetic system. All is connected – mind , body, emotions and is environment  .

This facts was observed for many centuries by many cultures .Traditional Chines medicine and Ayurvedic medicine is one of many ancient practice that saw this connection . They used this observation  in treating disease and managing  challenges in their lives .  During my study of these subjects It was interesting to note that most of the practises of these traditional methods was and is relaying on body’s own ability to heal.

I was attracted to the idea of healing body naturally  from the time I was born. It is ongoing process of learning . I dont think one life time is enough to know and understand all secrets of nature .  Every new experience give me a new wisdom and knowledge about life

I am honored to be able to share what I could master with needed … And I am delighted to dedicated my life to this path