Helseklinikken Harmony now offers application with Plasmalight.

It is widely accepted that, in 1920, Royal R Rife began his experiments using electronic frequencies on viruses and bacteria. Previous to that time, microbes were invisible, but using his own powerful microscopes, he was able to see them.

By 1933, he had built what was called the Universal Microscope. This microscope was amazingly powerful and complex with its 6,000 parts. Dr. Rife claimed that his microscope could magnify an object to 60,000 its size.
Royal Rife explained what was so useful about this microscope. It could observe the microbes while they were still alive. This was different from the electron microscopes which destroyed the viruses and bacteria.

Virus and Bacteria Could Be Killed
What Dr Rife claimed is that each microbe has its own resonance frequency. With the Rife technology, he bombarded the microbes with light frequency which matched that of the microbe at an intense level. He called his machine the Beam Ray machine. What he said happened was that the microbes would explode or shrivel up and die. Some researchers today are reported to be corroborating Royal Rife’s discoveries.

Healthy Cells Are Not Affected
Since the frequency is different for any other healthy cells near the unhealthy ones, those cells are not damaged no matter how intense the frequency is.

Helseklinikken Harmony uses the best Frequency equipment available.

“I have been reading people on some groups making claims for their machines that cause me to smile, knowing they are probably unaware of any system other than their own, or they likely have financial interests in the machines they champion. If one truly knows the GB-4000 system, there is a good reason that Nenah Sylver PhD (author of ‘The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health’) has called it “the Rolls Royce.”Sidebar: Of all the books I’ve read on Rife technology, there is not another book on the market that even comes close to Dr. Sylver’s book. It is truly without peer and I highly recommend it.” – Ronald Lindebloom (https://guruhq.com/why-i-bought-a-gb4000-over-other-frequency-devices/)

Following Rifes work using frequencies to deal with conditions, most devices run one frequency at a time. If you need to run ie 48 different frequencies each for 5 minutes, that means a total application time of 240 minutes (or 4 hours). Using GB4000 Helseklinikken Harmony can run 8 frequencies simultaneouly thereby reducing the afore mentioned 240 minutes to 30 minutes. This is much more effective and drastically reduces time needed to receive frequencies targeting a condition.

The Plasma light device comes with out-of-the-box ability to target 875 different conditions. In addition we can program it to target other conditions as long as we know the frequencies

A so-called sweep program is also available although caution should be taken as to how your body can handle aftermath. Ie sweep is not recommended for those suffering from Lyme Disease, due to the incredibly toxic aftermath from Lyme die-off  – https://guruhq.com/why-i-bought-a-gb4000-over-other-frequency-devices/

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