Anti-aging program

Easy step by step ‘anti-aging program to reverse negative Health conditions.
Acugraph A computerized device for detecting energy flow in every organ.
NES Energy SCAN A body scanning device that reads and evaluates 160 aspects of your health regarding nutrition and energy. The scan can help answer unanswered questions by helping you see your health conditions on the nutritional and energetic level
Acupressure massage Applying force with your fingers on specific points of the body.
Deep tissue massage A Strong pressure applied to the muscle.
Aromatherapy A relaxing light massage.
Yogi massage and manipulation A passive exercise used to relieve joint and muscle pain.
Acupuncture An effective method using needles to cure pain, skin disorders such as acne and ageing, immunologic disorders, frequent colds and flu and allergy. Also helps to loose weight and quit smoking.
Vacuum cupping Used for blood stagnation of chronic nature.
NUTRITIONAL ADVICE Advice for changing diet based on vitamins/minerals deficiencies and food sensitivities found through energy scanning.
Medical Diet Medical diet prescription based on energy scan and evaluation of physically imbalances of the body in case of chronic health problems.

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