As a human race, we are evolving by observing and trying to understand the principle of living nature.  The breakthroughs that we made for the past 100 years in understanding the reality of life is breathtaking.  Scientists, metaphysics, and spiritualist have never been so close in their agreement on what constitute the basic fabric of life.

 New discoveries in Quantum physics, Epigenetics, Neuroscience, and Electromagnetism demonstrates that all universe including humans are made out of one and the same fabric – little particles of “nothingness”. It is the interaction between these small particles that produce energy and creates all reality of our life.

 These new discoveries have lead us to new quantum science-based medicine called energy medicine.

 Based on quantum chemistry, energy medicine gives us new possibilities for deeper understanding of energetic problems in the body and to relate energetic problems to the physical state of health.

 Energy medicine tell us that the human body constantly emits electromagnetic infrared radiation, actually, this radiation is the one that keeps us alive.

 Today, with new technology we are able to detect and read this energetic radiation and understand better about energetic functions of our body and connection between mind and body… 

One of the new technologies is called NES health ProVision body scan.

 NES health ProVision scanning system enable us to read energetic frequencies of the body and analyze energetically blocked organs systems, body areas that is “out of communication“, nutrition balance (vitamins , minerals , antioxidant etc. ), food sensitivities, metabolism and digestive energy, mental and emotional conflict within the body, toxins, toxic residue of vaccines and many more. It is a great diagnostic tool that enables the practitioner to see what is going on at the subatomic level of the body.

 The distant scanner, is the tool that can detect the sounds of vibrating cells and transfer the information into the computerized program for evaluation. Distant means that it could be done even if 2 people are located at two opposite areas of the world.

 Scanning could be done by anyone who has basic knowledge in nutrition or anatomy /physiology , psychotherapy, or other areas of natural health

 It is very affordable (for more info see and it is easy to learn how to interpret the results. On average it takes about 3 lessons to get the concept (Call Helseklinikken Harmony for further information).

 Please note that you will not get scan results directly. When you buy the NES Remote Scanner you will get the scanning device and a login to the system for installing the scanner.

Interpretation of scan results: we have several options available for you. Some includes receiving report on selected parts of Scan results and you also have the option of getting full scan result interpretation by Skype consultation with Helseklinikken Harmony at normal hourly rate.

 The scan information will be sent from your scanning device directly to NES practitioner and results will be sent through email back to you. 

 After completing the lessons and understanding the concept of NES you will continue collaboration with your NES health practitioner for receiving client health reports.

For further details please contact Helseklinikken Harmony by calling +45 50503005 or email [email protected] or by using our contact form