About me:

My education.


1.NES Health Foundation Training

Degree Name

Certified NES practitioner,

Field Of Study

Professional screening and interpretation of human body bio energetic field

Dates attended 2010 – 2011

WellNES System, includes discourse on the basic principles of the Human Body-Field (HBF), as well as an in-depth review of the science, theory and research behind the biophysics screening ofHuman Body-Field,



  1. Nordic College of Chines Medicine


Degree Name

A.A.M / HHP(Advanced acupuncturist moxibustion )

Field Of Study



Advanced Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Dates attended 2006 – 2008


Philosophy of Chines medicine , theoretical and practical training in acupuncture ,TCM medical diet , herbal therapeutics , practical experience at International School of Chinese medicine , University of Beijing , China


3.East West school of herbology


Field Of Study

TCM herbal medicine , Ayurvedic medicine, Western Herbal medicine


Dates attended 2004 – 2008

In depth study of herbal remedies around the world , understanding body functions based in 5 element theory , diagnostic methods of health imbalances from perspective of energy flow , methods of preparing and and applying different herbal remedies , creating individualized herbal remedies for specific cases ,

4.British School of Yoga

Degree Name BSYA(TH)

Field Of Study :Yoga Teacher Training/Yoga Therapy

Dates attended 1999 – 2002


Anatomy and physiology, using yogi manipulation for correction of muscular skeletal problems , biostrata – the levels of life existence , philosophy of mind and body connection , hypnosis, Ayurveda diet

5.British School of Yoga

Degree Name R.N.Th

Field Of Study Nutritional therapy

Grade :BSYS(N.TH)

Dates attended 1998 – 2000


Basic nutrition , function of nutrients , effect of nutrients on human body , treatment of disease with nutrition , correcting nutritional deficiencies , toxic metals and its effect on human body .