Because body has energetic structure first rule to understand body’s language is by understanding its energetic patterns.

In daily life it can be done by observing how and what affect us energetically. For example if you are sensitive to cold it will mean that your body is not able to generate enough heat , this also will mean that during cold seasons you will need to protect yourself from lost of heat by eating more energetically warm food , dress warmer and avoid cold drinks and exposure to cold wind . These will prevent you from energy lost and catching acute symptoms. You can also take your body type here to find out you cold /warm preferences.

With help of NES scan you can find out more about your energetic pattern and confirm your “energetic needs” Nes scan is build on the theory of quantum physics biology and TCM ( traditional Chinese medicine )

Nes scan are able to identify the bio energetic and informational distortions on cellular level and look into your body structured energy field According to NES theory structured energy field is regulator of all our physiology . With this scan you can understand better your organs energetic performance , environmental influence such us toxins , EMF field , nutritional influences , musculoskeletal system , emotions including trauma and shock .

With hair test you can find out your levels of essential nutrients , level of toxic metals , homeostatic balance , disease trends, nutritional deficiencies and excess. (Please note that hair mineral analyses are not diagnostic but are research oriented )

Hair test is done by taking a sample of your hair from the back of your head ( or other parts of the body ) and subjecting it to lab test for evaluations. Results can be order as a hair mineral analyses only , or hair mineral analyses with detailed explanation of patterns.

P.S hair mineral analyses are important test in detecting organic (methylmercury ) toxicity comparing to urine test for inorganic mercury that comes from 2 different sources of exposure .

With  Heavy Metals test kits tests  you are able to detect :

The presence of toxic heavy metals in the body using urine or saliva. They can also be used to detect heavy metals in most clear liquid medium. It is important to check the presence of heavy metals because they are the main cause of excessive free radical activity, which can cause damage to the healthy state of the body including depleting the body’s immune system.

The Heavy Metals Test kits can also be used to confirm the presence of metals/minerals in food such as iron in rice, etc.

It is an easy to use at home kit and gives result in minutes that is easy to read.

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