Helseklinikken Harmony now offers application with Papimi.

Papimi is a high end device that is inducing electromagnetic impulses directly into the somatic cell. In addition to activating the process of self-healing, papimi provides extraordinarily fast results in a wide range of applications.

Ion-induction therapy – IIT

papimi is based on the principle of the IIT (ion-induction therapy). The mechanism of action of induced, pulsed electromagnetic oscillation does not only influence the whole organism, it also precisely affects a specific indication. The high induction power of these magnetic fields lies within the quick frequency modulation and in the enormous power output.


Synonyms for the IIT:

  • Electrically pulsating magnetic field therapy
  • High pulse therapy (HIT)
  • Non-invasive induction therapy (NIIT)
  • High frequency therapy
  • Pulsating magnetic field treatment
  • Magnetic field therapy
  • Cell therapy
  • Electromagentic therapy
  • Pulsed magnetic field therapy
  • PEMF

How does the ion-induction with papimi work?

Without direct contact with the body, the induced voltage influences the energy balance of the somatic cells (mitochondria). This elevates the potential of the membrane (electroporation). As a matter of principle, the effect is athermal.


Characteristics and differences in the magnetic field therapy

Scientific research proves the fact that pulsed magnetic fields influence biochemical reactions on cellular basis. Strength and characteristics of a magnetic field depend exclusively on the consistency of the coil and the supplied electric current. In contrast to the usual magnetic field therapy, papimi operates on significantly higher electric tension and currents, enabling the induction from 50mT to 100mT.

In 1992-1993, papimi was compared to similar devices at the International Pain Research Center in Los Angeles (USA). The result: “papimi works up to 1,000 times faster and more efficient than other known magnetic field therapy devices”.

Variably pulsed ion-induction

papimi distinguishes itself through the variable impulse sequence from 1 to 8 hertz and the frequency modulation. From this the theory is derived, that the organism does not suffer habituation effects due to the irregular induction feed.

Duration guidelines

  • Between 10 and 30 minutes per treatment
  • Treatments usually every two to three days
  • According to patient reports, significant improvements are observed after only a few treatments
  • Depending on indication and stage of illness the treatment can be conducted even multiple times a day

Possible side effects

Positive aspects

  • Often positive influence on additional symptoms

Negative aspects

  • During first treatment: vertigo, fatigue, nausea, head aches (1.5 % of patients)
  • Short term intensification of symptoms


  • Electronic implants (e.g. pacemaker)
  • Metallic implants in ring form
  • Pregnancy

How does papimi affect the cell?



Electroporation is a method to make cell membranes permeable and thus transfect DNA into prokaryotic cells (transformation) or into eukaryotic cells (transfection).

A healthy, functioning somatic cells has a tension of app. 70-90 mV. This value is essential for the vitality of the cell. The task of the cell is the exchange of messenger substances (e.g. sodium, electrolytes, minerals, nutrients, enzymes, hormones etc.) between the cell membranes (metabolism).

If the tension or the potential of the membrane are reduced, the exchange of messenger substances is reduced or even halted completely. In the case of severe illnesses as cancer, the tension can even sink to 5mV.

Important notice

  • Only somatic cells whose membrane potential has sunk below 70mV react to ion-induction.
  • papimi treatments do not cause any temperature shift within the somatic cells.
  • The impulse only lasts a couple of microseconds. No kinetic movement and no molecular frictional losses occur that might lead to an increased temperature in cell organelles.

Range of application

  • accident surgery
  • orthopedics
  • physical medicine
  • dermatology
  • internal medicine
  • traumatology
  • sports medicine
  • dental medicine
  • rehabilitation & recreation
  • cosmetic medicine
  • veterinary medicine

Very good experience with

Musculoskeletal system
Pain therapy
Wound healing
Healing of bones after fractures
Bone marrow edema
Integration of implants
Improvement at degenerative joint disease
Competitive and top sport

The pulsed, electromagnetic fields are successfully used for the therapeutic treatment of wound healing deficits of the skin, ligaments and bones

In the field of bone healing through pulsed electromagnetic fields, numerous studies confirmed the effectiveness of papimi. Research confirms various effects: such as the buildup of new blood vessels or a raise in calcium concentration.

If used post-operatively, an excellent heal-up of implants can be observed. The non-invasive ion-induction therapy through papimi in medical clinics is recommended as an addition to conventional or complementary therapy concepts.

Main indications with highly positive research results confirm:

  • Treatment of degenerative disorders of the skeletal and locomotor system and spine
  • Treatment of fractures
  • Improvement of degenerative joint complaints

The use of IIT as a single therapy in the orthopedic field is a proven method, especially when treating problem patients. In addition, many positive results of biophysical treatment through papimi have been reported in the fields of competitive and high-performance sports

Complimentary medicine

The high-power pulsed magnetic field sustainably affects the somatic cell. This way natural self-healing powers are stimulated. Important biological messenger substances or those included in prescribed drugs are effectively absorbed by the cell and their distribution within the organism is optimized.

In addition to the already successful use of papimi as a single therapy, significant success has also been achieved in the field of complementary medicine.

The somatic cell is the source for all disharmonies within the human organism. The ion-induction therapy (IIT) supports the the body and enables quick recovery.

papimi is an efficient therapy support main and complementary indicators. For more than 20 years, users have confirmed the results in various applications. With every additional use of the ion-induction therapy, we gain further insight on the possible effect and the positive influence of papimi on the human organism.

“When treating chronic inflammations and cancer, we have to treat the root causes of these diseases. One of their main characteristics is the change in membrane potentials, which can be influenced by ion-induction, pulsed magnetic fields and orthomolecular therapies.”  Dr. med. Thomas Rau, Medical Director at Paracelsus Academy for Biomedicine

Complementary Oncology

papimi in the biological treatment of tumors

The exact interplay between tumor and magnetic fields is not well known so far. However, there are some approaches suggesting that the magnetic field does not directly influence cancer. It does mainly support the immune system and influences the course of the disease positively through increasing blood oxygen levels.

“The membrane potential is repolarized, the bio-energetic level increased and the self-healing powers activated. Electroporation is encouraged, apoptosis activated and a redifferentiation of parting cells is implemented.” Dr. Braun von Gladiß

The papimi therapy is mainly used as a part of individual therapy concepts in the field of biological oncology. This is why results and experiences regarding this field can currently not be exclusively attributed to papimi.

The biological treatment of cancer with papimi pursues the following targets:

  • Reinforcement of cells and immune system
  • Improvement of therapy results
  • Decrease of side effects of conventional cancer therapies
  • Increase of quality of life
  • Stimulation of self-healing powers


Patients also react highly positive to the treatment with papimi for wellness purposes. In addition, papimi provides support during medical massages. It increases the mode of action to optimally support the cell with energy. Thus, the energetic balance is stimulated and optimized.

„papimi takes the cell back to a physiologically younger state.“ Dr. med. vet. Thomas Eibl

Papimi-aqua – the source of life.

Over the course of 10,000 experiments, Dr. Masaru Emoto found out that water conserves information. Through usage of crystal photography of different structures of water drops, he was able to show how water reacts to various influences.

To test possible changes in water structures through an ion-induced treatment, Dr. med. Karin Halbritter analyzed the development of papimi-water precisely over the course of ten days. The treatment loop was placed above a water bottle and ionized for seven minutes at the highest setting. 
She describes the ensuing process as follows:

papimi Aqua

What advantages does ionized water provide?

Regarding its structure and characteristics, it shows more similarity to our bodily fluids than regular drinking water. This is why it is able to directly and positively influence our health condition.

“The original information is probably deleted by the ionization and replaced. The homogeneous distribution of the residue and the strongly pronounced outline suggest that an even, harmonized and stable information is implemented. This change is detectable for up to three days.” Dr.med. Karin Halbritter

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