NES Energy Scan

What is Energy scan?
Body Energy scan is the result of more than 30 years research in bio energetics.
It is health assessment software that sence the vibrational energy of the cells of the human body and identifies biological and energetic distortions that may underline physical and emotional concerns.
Withing 1 min. you will get more than 150 results about the energetic field of the body in anatomically correct and extremely detailed graphical representation that include:
– Major organs and organ systems
– Environmental influences, such as toxins
– Electromagnetic pollution and more
– Vitamins /minerals imbalances
– Musculorskeletal system
– Emotions including traumas and shocks
– Energetic status of all organs and organ systems
– Energetic communication in the body – how your body are connected within
The information from this scan is very useful in understanding of overall health condition and highlighting the root of health issues.

This video gives an overview on how NES Health bio energy scanning technology helps activating the body’s own incredible self-healing abilities.

Video length: 13:23

This video is about NES Health journey and mission on creating the easiest and most cost effective health system for human kind

Video length: 14:25

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NES Energy Scan
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 12 reviews
 by Member Fouroseven

So NES brought into light a lot of information about my physical symptoms and emotional issues that I have been struggling with for years. With the scanning I found out about a lot of emotional issues that have materialized into my physical body that I was not aware. Gaining this kind of awareness with the knowledge regarding the functionality of my organs and the way they communicate together gave me a strong breakthrough as I have been seeing doctors for years and I recognize that they have never been this helpful. This information was crucial for my healing process and it gave me more strength to find effective healing practices not just for the physical body but also for the emotional and psychological realms of the body. I was able then to make all sorts of adjustments with diet, stress, work, relationships, working out, etc.

 by Rikke Kirk

My experience with NES scanning was interesting. Even it is hard to comprehend that this thing, in few seconds could give such precise analysis of my overall health. It was quite amazing how much information it gave. And also how much Olga could interpret due to the scan on different life themes. After the scan I knew Where to put my focus: Diet, thinking, vitamins/minerals. And so on.

 by Regina Liudvinaitiene

I did the scan because during the last few years I felt a bit uncomfortable inside ( heart rhythm, internal dissatisfaction, constant tiredness, growing weight ...). The procedure performed specifically identified the problems in me, forced me to look deeper into my inside, highlighted what I felt. When I started using dietary guidelines, I feel more energetic and I lost some weight. I feel much better now.

 by Gertrud Elisabeth Tanggaard

I had a short nes scan at your workshop and it was very interesting. Because of the results there, I wanted to have a whole nes scan because the results of the scan reported some problems in areas I knew I had problems in. It was helpful for me to have the full picture/ scan of balanced and unbalanced things in my body and mind as well.

 by Durita H. Jacobsen

I had a NES scan 3 months ago. The scan told me several issues that ultrasound, CT-scanner and blood tests couldn´t tell me. Every test I did showed normal. But I knew my health was bad, so I decided to try NES scan. The scan said, amongst other things, that the body was poisoned from fungus. This was accurate since we were just moving out of an apartment because of fungus. My two children also got well from long lasting colds and pneumonia, when we moved out of the apartment. If you feel that not everything is OK or you have bad health and all other tests show normal, I can definitely recommend to do a NES scan.

 by Benedikte Skou

What I found the most overwhelming about the scan is the status that it gives you not only on you physical state but also on your mental state. Some of all these things I was aware of, subtle maybe, but maybe trying to suppress it. So it really brought some things up for me and made it even more clear to me that there are things I need to work on. The way the physical symptoms were linked to mental matters really made sense. So I can really recommend the scan to look into all matters around you as a whole person, not just for a status of vitamins, minerals, organs etc, which is of course also very important.

 by Katrina í Geil

was amazingly precise, like looking into a map of my body, good and not so good areas. Without even taking my clothes of. I mean, where else can you take a peak inside your body and see, how the body-engine is working and take actions to make it better? Who is to tell you what is more or less stressed/damaged and what is fine and working? If that was the nes-scan, to me it is something to be tested for every six months or so, like checking your mortgage, weight, food, condition etc"

 by Linda Laksáfoss

had a NEC scan, because I wanted to figure out what was going on in my body, as I have chronic allergy (hives) for nearly two years. I was extremely tired, bad concentration, overweight and short tempered.

I was surprised by the results of the scan, as it could read some things nobody knows about. "

 by Benedikte Skou

"Great and overwhelming 😊"

 by Olga Goija

"My favorite word for information is-interesting. Yes, the scan was interesting. I could confirm the “something is blocked” on the left side, heart problems.It confirmed some things, and made connections like-uh, I feel this because I lack this mineral, for example. I wouldn’t say I got to understand my body better.

It was curious and interesting"

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