What is the human body.

Our biological body is made out of:

206 bones, 640 muscles . To take one step you use about 200 muscles.

Liver alone for example has 500 functions, endocrrin system has 60 hormones and 6000 disorders,

Adult body consists of about 50 to 100 trillion cells and they are grouped into 200 different types. Only 60% of these cells make up solid aspect of body, such as bones and tissues. About 40% make nonsolid parts such as blood and lymph.

We have about 30 trillion red blood cells and 500 million white blood cells circulating through the body.

100 trillion microorganisms and made up the other half of the body cells. Most of which are beneficial and help digestion.

Every second almost tree million red blood cells die and new blood cells are produced. That is only one type of cells in one second! There is millions of other activities taking place during that time frame that make a second feel like forever. All these cells working harmoniously together with the common purpose of creating us.

Conventional view biochemicaly based modern medicine has significant limitation when it comes to treatments of chronic disease, explaining mechanism of belief and placebo effect, influence of mind, thoughts, memory, inteligence. Understanding what controls cellular activity and holistic action of trillions of cells.

Our quantum body.

Quantum nature of the body is what happens in the body at subatomic level. To understand what is really happening in the body we need to understand what make our cells real.

Cells are made out of atoms. If we use the scientific definition, it is a unit of matter that has positivly charged nucleuse surrounded by a system of negatively charged electrons. Electrons and protons are subatomic particals that we barely can call things. Scientists was trying to find structure in electron to suggest the characterictics of quantum particles, and found none. Thus they can not be considerred as material things.

Acording to SpaceResonance theory atoms are formed from vibrational waves emanating from a central point and extended outwarts in all direction. The MRI scanners are able to make three dimensional pictures of the body because it can detect atomic vibrations.

Our cells are made out of atomes which again are made out of enegry waves. Chemical bounding group atoms together to form molecules, then molecules bind to make cells, cells make organs and before you know it we have a living organism. For the living organism to sustain life we need to add external enviroment with supplies of enegy in form of nutrients.

We can say with sertenty that we are made out of pure energy and we depend on energy for our survival.
Gregg Braden, scientist, visionary and pioneer in bridging sience,ancient wisdom and real world in his book “The turning point” wrought ”The universe, our world, and our bodies are made of shared field of energy-a matrix-that makes the unity known as entanglement possible.