10 Single-dose bottles of 10 ml with dosing cap

ALFA BRITONIC is a product with special precautions both in the choice of components and in the processing of the same; this makes the active ingredients highly bioavailable and their action stimulates the various levels of the Biological System provided as follows:





Colostrum is the pre-milky liquid, secreted by the mammary gland of all mammals in the 24-48 hours after birth. It is very dense, yellowish, rich in highly digestible proteins, mineral salts and vitamins, representing the first nourishment of every newborn.

His task in Nature is to provide the right nourishment and the entire immune memory to the unborn child, helping to activate the immune system and maintain the body’s vitality.

Colostrum differs from mature milk, produced by the mother from the 2nd – 3rd day and in the months following the part, due to the lower presence of fats and sugars and the greater quantity of antibodies and bioactive components, capable of contribute to the correct development of the physiological defenses of the organism and the gastrointestinal system of the newborn.


Main constituents of Colostrum of Capra:

  • GROWTH FACTORS (GH, IGF1 AND IGF II) IGF (insulin-like growth factor) are peptide hormones with known anabolic properties; polyamines and the GLP1 and GLP2 molecules are also present, for which many studies have shown their importance in supporting a stabilization action of the intestinal barrier (at the tight junction level) thus improving the repair capacity of the gastrointestinal tissue.
  • IMMUNE FACTORS (IgM, IgA, IgG, Cytokines) IMMUNOGLOBULINS or also called ANTIBODIES are large protein molecules made up of chains of hundreds of amino acids. They can work together or separately to destroy antigens. Some circulate in the blood, others in the lymphatic system, others instead reside in the mucous membranes and act as a barrier against invasions of dangerous foreign agents.
  • ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS such as TAURINE, which allows to exert an important antioxidant action able to contribute to the protection from free radicals. PROTEINS (lactoferin, lactalbumin) lactoferin is an antimicrobial and iron-carrying glycoprotein. Known for some time (discovered by Sorensen) The antimicrobial properties of lactoferrin are mainly due to the ability to bind iron, subtracting it from the metabolism of those bacterial species – such as Escherichia coli – which depend on it for their multiplication and adhesion to the mucous membrane intestinal (bacteriostatic effect); it also has a direct antibacterial (bactericidal) action, thanks to the ability to damage the outer layers of the cell membrane (LPS) of some GRAM negative bacterial species.
  • VITAMINS A, B, E MINERALS (Sulfur, Selenium, Zinc and Copper)


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