Join my dream is to make this world a better place!

I think better world is not a readymade place, but it is ongoing creation of constructive human imagination and proactive behavior.

The purpose of Harmony community is to create an island where we could learn about ourselves as a human being and about the way we think and connect to one another and to our environment.

In the community we will touch topics like ‘Use of natural medicine’, traditional herbalism, diet and nutrition, human body and mind, connecting to nature and her natural resources, self-sustainable living, mental and emotional, connection to others through story-telling, health, counseling and many more.

Learning process in Harmony community is facilitated by collective contributions of individual talents and knowledge from members.

As a member you could be a teacher or a student. Just bring us what you would like to share with others: Knowledge, ideas, special skills and talents in the field of Natural and Holistic living are very welcome.

Collaborative co-creation of lectures, workshops, seminars and other activities are encouraged and supported. We are open for your ideas and looking forward to help you to manifest them into life.

 *  1 month membership allows you for only 1 discount in that particular month starting form the day of payment
** 1 year membership allows you for all discounts available on the website for the period of 1 year starting from day of payment

Regarding Membership cancellation – see Conditions.

Please Contact us if you wish to sign up for membership