H. pylori- my personal story.

In medical circles helicobacter pylori infection is considered to be one of the most difficult to eliminate. One of the reasons is that h. pylori invade the stomach, the organ in the body where not many bacteria can survive. Because h. pylori adapted to live in the acidic environment of the stomach it literally has no competition with other bacteria. And its ability to “drill” into the stomach lining and hide from anything that threatens its survival makes H. pylori one of the most resistant bacteria to treatment, both allopathically and naturally.

I had H. pylori infection for one and a half years.

In the beginning, my general practitioner (GP) doctor could not understand what really was going on: insomnia, weight loss, pumping heart in the night, feeling of blocked throat. All symptoms that usually medical doctor (MD) do not relate to this infection.

All my standard lab results were good until 3 months later when I started to wake up with stomach pain in the morning. Then my lab test came positive for H. pylori

My First antibiotic prescription.

My GP has prescribed me the standard triple therapy Omeprazole, Amoxicillin, Clarithromycin.

In 3 days, I got a bad reaction to one of them – itching and stomach rashes looked like wounds.

My MD asked me to stop medication and sent me to gastroscopy.

Gastroscopy showed no ulcer or any stomach damage except light inflammation over the stomach lining. I also had a small hiatal hernia.

Gastroscopy specialist prescribed me the same medication my doctor did and told me it was up to me to take it or not.

Both my MD and gastroenterology specialist was insisting that I don’t have any allergies to medications even though I had rush and itching.

I was not convinced about my MD recommendation and I began my own research on possible treatment options.

I could write many things about frustration and disappointment that I went through related to some of the MD attitude with the patients like me , the one who does not fit into their “standard” box. But I have decided to leave that behind …

I have tried many natural remedies – Mastic gum, Turmeric, Monolaurin, Lactoferrin, Black Cumin with manuka, Licorice, Wormwood extract, Several probiotics, Homeopathy, Matula tea and many other others herbal blends. Nothing seemed to work.

One of the important things that I did was a GI map lab test. This test explained why I was reacting to first thripple therapy and what antibiotic was safe for me to take.

MD was right, I did not have allergy, but I had antibodies against Clarithromycin…I don’t know where I will be today if I am to continue with my first ABX prescription.

The biggest help from this test was that now I had a list of antibiotics that I COOULD USE SAFELY.

It is also giving me overview on bacterial balance and clarification on probiotics and other natural supplements.

After trying “all natural” for about a year without any success I decided to do antibiotics treatment mixed together with natural.

P:S: If you need any help in assisting you with GI map test you are welcome to contact me. I learned how to interpret the test from NORDIC LAB , the company who sell this test around the world. I can help you to connect  with right link where you can buy this test according to your location.

Diet related information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For whole period of time I was and I still am continuing eating healthy. A lot of green juices, cooked vegetables, fresh fish, eggs, chicken, gluten free grains like quinoa and buckwheat. When I was HP positive, I did not eat red meat, after eradication I have started to eat a small amount of meat.

I avoid milk, gluten, all kind of sugar even very sweet fruits, fried food, fast food. All food I home cook myself to avoid additives etc. 

Beginning of the end of pylori.

Firs of all I found a doctor who was willing to look at both sides: natural and allopathic.

I had my doctors trust and support because of my personal background working with natural medicine for many years. All information I was presenting for her consideration was based in some kind of scientific research.

My first antibiotics treatment combination.

I had Doxycycline, Tetracycline, Pantoprazole mixed with VSL probiotics, mastic gum and curcumin. It was 14 days therapy which reduced the amount of h. pylori but did not eradicate it.

I felt awful during first treatment and this is why I took my time to get ready for second round of hybrid treatment of antibiotics and natural supplements.

What really worked for me?


I took 4 months to get ready for second quadruple therapy.

Within these 4 months I did several things to reduce the side effect of next quadruple therapy and get complete eradication of h. pylori.

I made green fresh juicing every day to flush my kidney and liver. I used celery, palm cabbage, ginger, fresh turmeric root, a little carrot, fresh fennel root, broccoli. I drank 500 ml of this juice a day.

I ate a lot of lightly cooked vegetable, fish, eggs, chicken. I baked my own bread from almonds and husk.

I used NAC 600 mg x 2 times a day for 3 months to detox liver.


I took turmeric capsules 500 mg x 2 times a day


I used organic MSM powder 1 tea spoon x 2 times to flush toxins.


I used light probiotics Biocult 1 capsule a day , see the link

https://pureformulas.com/bio-kult-probiotic-60-capsules-by-bio-kult.html .

I took a candida program called CCWS. This is a VERY IMPORTANT preparation for antibiotics treatment. It destroys biofilm made by candida and allows h. Pylori be more exposed to antibiotics.

Also reducing candida overload before antibiotics treatment will reduce the side effect of antibiotics during treatment.

When I finished my second quadruple therapy, I took CCWS treatment again because taking antibiotics increases candida growth. My second CCWS treatment was directed to prevent that. 

One treatment of CCWS lasts for 45 days. IMPORTANT NOTE: CCWS has not been approved by FDA.



Meds: Tetracycline 1 tab x 500 mg x 4 times a day on empty stomach

Metronidazole 1 x250  mg. tab x3 times a day on empty stomach

Pantoprazole 40 mg .1-tab x 2 times empty stomach

Bismuth 2-tab X 4 times a day- 3 hours apart from Tetracycline.

Tetracycline should NOT be taken together with milk products, calcium, magnesium, aluminum. Bismuth should be taking 3 hours apart. No sun exposure.

I have included a sample quadruple therapy plan here.

Meds should be taking around the clock to work correctly. My doctor recommended taking meds with food to reduce the side effect. I was talking to many people who had success in eradication of pylori. They recommended taking meds on an empty stomach to increase the chance of eradication. I personally had absolutely no feeling of ANY side effect. I think it is because I took my time to clean my body and make it stronger before ABX

Adjuvants that I included into the program.

I followed this study:


Rhamnolipids was added because I had a lot of mucus. Rhamnolipids help to reduce mucus and increase eradications rate. I took Rhamnolipids with ABX.

P.S. This product sold for research purpose only. NO HUMAN STUDIES WAS CONDUCTED ! I took it at my own risk. Because it is sold mostly for lab work , I had to prepare my own solution at home. There are rules to follow, like when it is mixed with water it has to be frozen . It degrades very fast at room temperature.

2. Phospholipids 1 teas spoon x 2 times.  I used this :


This product helps to rebuild stomach lining and keep you calm.

I took it in the night , if I could not sleep.

3. Lactoferrin 1 cap a day

4. Saccharomyces Boulardii probiotic 1 cap. x 1 time a day.

Warning on S. Boulardii :

“Biocodex issued a warning that patients with a central line catheter to the blood stream should not come in contact with Florastor. The introduction of S. boulardii cells to a central line could cause fungemia (fungi or yeast in the blood). “Central lines” are defined as central venous catheters, peripherally inserted central catheters, and totally implantable devices or ports.”


Important: Not to miss the ABX dosage , go around the clock! Set alarm in the night !14 days treatment.


Stay relaxed, try to rest as much as possible.

Many people think that H. pylori create anxiety. I got rid of anxiety 3 month before I got rid of pylori. No medication! Only by focusing on deep berthing, natural supplements and meditation. This was done by advice and support of my new doctor

 My opinion is that H. pylori affect digestion which in turn weakens nervous system. Usually battle with h. pylori takes several months and the fact that you are in the situation for so long contribute to uneasiness and nervousness. In my case, my old MD was trying to put me into the box of mental illness, trying to convince me that most things were “in my head”. This does not help at all. It only makes everything worse. I realized that only after I found my new doctor who supported and directed me into the process of mental and physical recovery.

This is the Supplement to reduce anxiety symptoms. Specially formulated form of Magnesium. No Other types was working like this one.:


In my case I did not have any dramatic improvement in my symptoms right after ABX. 6 weeks after I retest and got a negative result, so I know that H. pylori is gone.

To rebuild stomach and guts takes time, so don’t worry if your symptoms will be still there after ABX.

I stopped ALL supplements except probiotics and colostrum, but continue healthy diet and exercise. The positive change comes slowly. I will advice to note any little improvements and appreciate you body’s ability to heal. It can take several months to regain your health back.

What helped me most after ABX.

1.     PAPIMI therapy full body treatment. Gave me energy, detox, and help with pain. I got some muscular pain after last ABX. It is also a great help to restore good sleep. Mine worked from the first time.

2.     Osteopathic adjustment for the stomach. I found out that many spinal segments were out of aliment. Chiropractic / Osteopathic treatment is very helpful if you have hiatal hernia as well. In my case I did. Recommended book : Hiatal hernia Syndrome: The mother of all illness? By Phd Theodore A. Baroody.

3.     Continue healthy lifestyle.

4.     Trust into divine power of healing. Include prayers /meditation or anything else that could work for you.

Take your time to heal.